Supreme Court deadlocked on President Obama’s executive action on immigration

Recently, the Supreme Court issued an Order announcing that the justices were deadlocked in a case that sought to challenge President Barack Obama’s immigration plan.[1] President Obama’s executive action issued in November, 2014 would have allowed approximately five million undocumented people who were parents of citizens or permanent residents to legally work in the United States.[2] The decision issued no precedent or reasoning, but affirmed a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals order entering an injunction which blocked the proposed program in President Obama’s executive action.[3] As a result, President Obama’s November, 2014 executive action will not go into effect at this time, leaving millions of undocumented people in illegal status.

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Daniel Devine, Esq.
Santucci Priore, P.L.

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[3] See, United States, et. al. v. Texas, et. al., No. 15-674 (Jun. 23, 2016).

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