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Great Hospitality at Nine Mile in Jamaica

Attorney Michael Santucci recently visited Nine Mile in Saint Ann, Jamaica, the birthplace and now resting place of the musical and spiritual legend Bob Marley. His gracious host, Richard Booker, is Bob Marley’s brother and a long-time client of Santucci Priore, P.L. with whom Michael stayed on the family compound.

People travel from all parts of the earth and make the pilgrimage into the mountains to Nine Mile seeking music, peace, enlightenment, solitude and to pay their respects to international legend Bob Marley and his mother, musical artist Cedella Marley Booker. Richard Booker welcomes all, and offers respectful, private tours of his home and compound, including the family mausoleum where both Bob Marley and their mother Cedella Marley Booker was laid to rest.

Michael Santucci is forever grateful for the hospitality shown by Richard Booker, his family, friends and staff. The food was yummy, a little spicy and included sushi-chef-cut succulent garlic lobster tail skewers, Caribbean-spiced shrimp, curry stew, jerk chicken and lots of veggies.

The entire line of Cedella Marley Booker’s Smilin’ Island sauces, rubs and other food products were on hand to taste and purchase. The line consists of family recipes of Bob Marley’s mother, Cedella Marley Booker including various hot sauces, seasonings and Santucci’s favorites, the East Indian Spice Seasoning and the Reggae Ketchup. A director and videographer was also shooting some hilarious commercials for the Smilin’ Island food products at the same time. Buy them all here.

Richard Booker runs, as he historically did with his late mother, Cedella Marley Booker, the Nine Mile Music Festival in Miami and annual food drive every year. Regular performers include, Bob Marley’s sons, Julian Marley, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley and Ky-Mani Marley as well as Artists like Lauren Hill, Shaggy and Seal Paul. The festival is usually held in February or March each year. The festival/food drive has fed over 1,000,000 hungry families. Check it out here.

Thank you once again to Richard Booker for his hospitality, grace and generosity. Blessings and respect.

Piano that Bob Marley played and grew up with in his childhood home.

Richard Booker walking back down the hill from the mausoleum. No photos or video is permitted inside the mausoleum.

The room where Bob Marley slept as an infant with his mother Cedella Marley Booker.

The view from the rooftop balcony of my adopted bedroom in the family home. (MIS)

L to R: Wynwood Walls artist Jordan Betten; Richard Booker, Michael Santucci and Miami entrepreneur, investor and music curator Joe Risolia posing for a photo upon the completion of Betten’s newly- painted mural on the Nine Mile stage.

Framed gold record from Bob Marley & The Wailers’ classic album “Uprising,” featuring the tracks “Could You Be Loved,” “Coming I’m From the Cold,” and the timeless anthem “Redemption Song.”

Newly-created Nine Mile artwork by Chaz.

Part of the new Nine Mile stage mural by Jordan Betten of Miami. It was fascinating to watch this work or art in progress through to completion.

Asylum Seekers Face New Challenges in US

Once again U.S. immigration is in the news regarding domestic violence and gang-violence related to asylum seekers. The turmoil came from the speech made by attorney General, Jeff Sessions’ opening remarks to the House Judiciary Committee’s Oversight of the Department of Justice regarding asylum. Mr. Sessions has not created a new rule of law or stepped beyond the current regulations. Instead, he stated that the law should be applied according to his Session’s and the Trump Administration’s interpretation of the Legislators’ intention. The Trump/Sessions interpretation includes separating children from parents suspected of illegally crossing the border.

The fact is, there have been allegations of abuse of the asylum application process related to domestic violence, gang-violence and other type is issues. Sessions is now requesting that Judges be more restrictive regarding these matters. However, that does not mean that qualified applicants cannot file for asylum, even on these grounds.

For example, someone that has been a victim of domestic violence in X country, is not necessarily a victim for asylum in U.S. because, under the Trump/Sessions interpretation, the crime of domestic violence should be resolved within the legal system of that country, and/or maybe that victim can move to other areas within the country in order to find safety. For this person, the asylum application would not be approved. Nevertheless, if a victim of domestic violence is married to a military or governmental official, and the victim neither can be protected by the country’s legal system nor will (s)he be protected by moving to a different area within the country, then this person could have an asylum application approved. In the case of gang-violence, if the victim is in, or married to someone in a gang, and same as above, cannot find recourse within the country’s own legal system or protection anywhere in his or her home country, it is plausible to file for an asylum application.

It is also important to understand that there are other ways to protect foreign nationals that are victims of domestic violence or gang violence, other than through asylum, especially if they are already in the United States.

Feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Solita Chocron, LL.M.

Become a sponsor for the 2018 Taste the Islands Experience and help to Save the Twinz!


On June 2nd, 2018 the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society will find itself in the midst of Caribbean-style celebrations with the second annual Taste the Islands Experience. “Taste the Islands” is a travel and culinary series airing nationwide on PBS stations, hosted by acclaimed chefs, Cynthia “Chef Thia” Verna and Hugh “Chef Irie” Sinclair. The event is an annual fixture that brings tropical Caribbean food, spirits, music, and entertainment to Fort Lauderdale. Other TTIX events have been hosted in both Manhattan and Washington DC.

This year, TTIX is pleased to announce a partnership with Save the Twinz!, a South Florida breast cancer charity organization. Twenty percent (20%) of designated sponsorship funds for this year’s Taste the Islands Experience will be donated to Save the Twinz!

Past and current collaborators and attendees have included brands such a Sandals, Jamaica Tourist Board, Grace Foods, Barbados Tourism Marketing and Non-profit partnerships have included international charity Food for the Poor and South Florida PBS.

1,500 attendees are expected at this all-inclusive, VIP event, which will feature:

  • ■ Tropical ambiance
  • ■ Authentic Caribbean cuisine from South Florida restaurants
  • ■ Chefs and mixologists visiting from the Caribbean
  • ■ Open bar
  • ■ Live DJs
  • ■ Live culinary demos
  • ■ Caribbean culinary theater and culinary museum
  • ■ Other island-chic elements

Sponsorship packages currently available include:

  • ■ A $2,500 “Community Sponsor” package with benefits including advertising in 20,000 copies of Island Origins Magazine, full page event program ad, tickets and on-site branding
  • ■ A $1,000 “Corporate Supporter” package including 10 tickets, full page event program ad, on-stage recognition and discounts on Island Origins Magazine advertising
  • ■ $500 full page event program ad (includes 2 tickets) or $250 half page event program ad (includes 1 ticket)

To become a sponsor for this tasty and exciting event, and help beat breast cancer, call (417) 812-5663 or email