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Fort Lauderdale Intellectual Property Check-Up

This quick and self-exploratory quiz is uniquely designed to reflect the current condition of your business protection status.  Regardless of your YES/NO final score, we offer a confidential evaluation to help analyze your current business protection condition and more importantly offer consultation custom directed for your corporate future.

Thank you for taking this quiz. Please contact us at 954-351-7474 to schedule your evaluation and consultation. 

1. Is your intellectual property (“IP”) marked “patented,” “patent pending,” TM, “®”, or “©?”

2. Do you know the consequences of failure to properly mark a proprietary product or service?

3. Do you discuss proprietary information or make proprietary data available to third parties without requiring they execute a confidential disclosure agreement?

4. Do you furnish proprietary data, drawings and marketing or other information to a contractor, supplier, or business partner outside of the United States?

5. Do you place proprietary information of any sort on the Internet?

6. Do you have a system of monitoring employee IP work to determine its value to your company?

7. Are you aware that the United States is a party to numerous multi-national IP treaties by which proprietary rights can be extended abroad?

8. Do you know the United Nations administers a transnational system of commercial arbitration between nationals of its member states?

9. Have you published, presented or submitted to a third party any proprietary information within the last year?  IE: Are you aware that rights in technical inventions and industrial designs are time-sensitive?

10. Have you ever submitted a Document Disclosure Statement to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?

11. Are you aware that IP rights of a non-competitor may be available for license?

12. Are you aware that industrial designs directed to the appearance of an article of manufacture are protectible in the United States, the European Union and many other countries?

13. Do you have written inventor or authorship agreements with your employees, consultants and other independent contractors?

14. Are you aware that in the absence of a written agreement a consultant or independent contractor can by operation of law become a co-inventor or joint author with your company even if they have been paid for their services?

15. Are you aware that a co-inventor or joint author holds an undivided interest in the whole of the work or invention plus in the absence of a written agreement to the contrary they may do as they wish, including license or sale of the interest to a competitor?

16. Do any of your products employ a proprietary trade dress?  If so, are you aware of steps which may be taken to protect the same?

17. Are you aware that incorporation of a business or company provides no trademark protection whatsoever for the name of the company?

18. Are you cognizant that proprietary materials, methods and information including marketing information not protectable by other forms of IP may be protectable through a program of trade secret protection?

19. Do you realize many types of Internet disputes are subject to a transnational system of dispute resolution?

20. Are you aware that a single claim to copyright in the U.S. can create corresponding copyrights in over 100 countries?

** If any YES or NO answers to these questions have raised serious individual thought or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us for a strictly confidential analysis and consultation in person or by phone OR please contact us by e-mail at info@500law.com.

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