Federal Trademark Registration

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Federal Trademark Registration

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*A trademark consisting of words along with a design/logo could conceivably entail separate trademark applications – depending on availability/protectability and the scope of protection sought: (1) protecting only the words-no matter how they appear; (2) protecting only the design; (3) protecting both, the specific combination of stylized words with a design. Same applies to any variations in wording, design, and/or color.

**All products and services are divided into different “international classes” (categories) as defined by the US Trademark Office. For example: pants, shoes, or hats fall under class 25; backpacks, umbrellas, or pet accessories under class 18; retail apparel stores (services), accounting services, or business management services under class 35. Searching and application fees increase with the number of classes.

***A mark is in use in connection with a product, when the product is sold or transported in commerce with the mark affixed onto the product (on packaging, labels, tags, etc.). A mark is in use in connection with a service, when the mark is displayed in the sale or advertising of the service (website, print advertisement, flyers, brochures, etc.) For further questions, please contact our office.

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