Cirque Du Soleil files copyright infringement lawsuit against Justin Timberlake

Recently, Cirque Du Soleil’s corporate entities filed a lawsuit against Justin Timberlake, among others.[1] The Complaint alleges two claims for copyright infringement over Justin Timberlake’s song “Don’t Hold The Wall,” from his double platinum “The 20/20 Experience” album, which sold over two million copies.[2] Cirque Du Soleil alleges in its Complaint that that the “Don’t Hold The Wall” song infringes upon Cirque Du Soleil’s copyrights in the musical composition and sound recording of the song entitled “Steel Dream,” which was a part of Cirque du Soleil’s “QUIDAM” album.[3] Cirque Du Soleil asserts in its Complaint that it sent a letter to the Defendants attempting to resolve the issues raised in the Complaint on March 13, 2015, but was unable to do so.[4] As a result, the Complaint alleges that Defendants’ infringement was willful.[5] Cirque Du Soleil claims that it has been damaged in the amount of at least $800,000 and is also seeking a permanent injunction.[6]

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