ULTRA Music Festival Ticket Giveaway Sweepstakes

The law firm of Santucci Priore, P.L., which represents the owners, operators and licensors of the Ultra Music Festival, is giving away TWO (2) THREE (3)-DAY PASSES to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami for March 27, 28 and 29th! In 2013 the Ultra Music Festival became the largest music festival of any genre of music in the United States. One winner will be randomly chosen and will receive both tickets/passes which will be valid for entry on all three days and nights of the festival in Miami. The contest benefits a local breast cancer awareness organization Save The Twin: Live Pink!

For more information about Save the Twinz: Live PINK!, call 754-223-9638 or email savethetwinzlivepink@gmail.com.

Tickets are still on sale for the Ultra Music Festival at www.ultramusicfestival.com

The law firm of Santucci Priore, P.L. is a Florida based law firm which practices in the areas of business law, entertainment law, trademark, patent and copyright registration, protection, licensing and litigation. Our principal office is located 200 South Andrews Avenue, Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. For more information about Santucci Priore, P.L., go to www.500law.com or call 954-351-7474

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This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. No purchase or contribution is necessary. You must be 18 or older to win.

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70 Thoughts on “ULTRA Music Festival Ticket Giveaway Sweepstakes

  1. Liliana Baumgartner  |  

    I would be the luckiest mom to win this tickets to be able to go w my daughter. Ultra for me is the most amazing experience anyone could have!!! I hope and pray I’m the lucky one.

  2. I should win because i am planning to fly from far away for this event. I am having hard time getting the tickets from where i am. Luck hasnt been on my side until now but i am hopeful and can feel that i will get united with that crowd for a breathtaking moment.

  3. My husband has wanted to go to this concert since the start. He works nonstop to make sure we have money for our fertility treatments so going to a huge concert like this is not in the cards. This would hands down be the best gift ever!

  4. neil schnabel  |  

    You guys are awesome for doing such an amazing giveaway. I would love to bring my brother who just started college at Full Sail University. He loves music and has always wanted to go to Ultra.

  5. Sherwin Sanaie  |  

    I am a long time fan of these festivals, but they’ve just become too expensive! Please give me this opportunity!

  6. I deserve to win these #UltraMiami tickets because to me ULTRA is more than family! ULTRA influenced me to know the EDM world. The 1st EDM gig I had ever been to was ULTRA MIAMI 2012 and from there I have always been a FRONT ROW SUPPORTER for EVERY GIG. Be it any ULTRA gig I would be there in FRONT ROW as always. I reach the venue before everybody else reaches so that I can be in the front and support the Artist and ULTRA Festival both. I never feel like missing any ULTRA gigs because I feel it is my family and I cant live without it. I’m so happy that my PHOTOS appears in every gig album uploaded by ULTRA as I’m always in front row. My Friends call me FRONT ROW RAVER these days, hahaha! I can miss any damn clashing Gigs/Marriages/Birthday Parties etc on the day when there is a ULTRA gig. It saved my life that’s what I can say. It made me a real ULTRANAUT. I will always be the FRONT ROW RAVER till my last breath & a ULTRA fan too!

    I would like to thank 500law for hosting such a kickass contest. Keep coming up more! Kudos to you guys!

  7. Shane Pittman  |  

    I’ve wanted to go to Ultra for years but the money was just never there! It would be awesome to win this contest and finally get to go! Thanks for having the contest!

  8. John Induisi  |  

    This would be first time experiencing Ultra Music Festival if I were to win free tickets. I am big fan of the music and an even bigger fan of the artist performing. As someone who enjoys all forms of music, this will be one of the many events I plan on attending throughout the year if I am chosen. Thank you very much.

  9. Savannah  |  

    I went to Ultra 2014 alone and on the way to walking to the festival, I met Jaime and his friends and we all ended up walking together. I actually lost him in line and thought I wouldn’t see him again.. 155,000 people go to this festival. On the second day, he just happened to walk past me and I asked him if he remembered me from yesterday and he gave me his number.. On the third day of Ultra, I texted him before asking to meet up with him.. I ended up spending the whole last day with him.. Jaime and I stayed friends for a long time but I’m so happy to say that now he’s my boyfriend and that we love each other so much.. My best friend is now my love

  10. Danielle  |  

    this would be so amazing. I think it’s wonderful you guys are doing this giveaway based on something so important and real in life.

  11. i have been trying to go to ultra the past three years but it hasn’t working out for me, and now that i’m in pharmacy school, i can’t afford the tickets. please help me out so i can finally attend. this year is during my spring break.

  12. Nellie Shaw  |  

    My boyfriend has been going to Ultra for the past 3 years, im flying all the way from penn state and we’re both broke college students and can barely afford the tickets, this giveaway would be amazing!

  13. my friend is a broke college student and needs these tickets! she really wants to go we all have our ticket but her /: make her wish come true

  14. John Induisi  |  

    This would be my first time experiencing Ultra Music festival if I were to win these tickets. I am big fan of this type of music and an even bigger fan of the artist performing. As someone who enjoys all genres of music, this will be one of the many events I plan on attending throughout the year. Thank you very much

  15. John Induisi  |  

    This would be my first time experiencing Ultra Music festival if I were to win these tickets. I am big fan of this type of music and an even bigger fan of the artist performing. As someone who enjoys all genres of music, this will be one of the many events I plan on attending throughout the year. Thank you very much.

  16. I have yet to attend ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in MIAMI and desperately need to go this year. The lineup this year is truly unbelievable and I have missed out every year due to financial or school inconveniences. This year, nothing will get in my way. Please help pave the way for me to go to Miami and join the thousands of fans in celebrating what we love – MUSIC.

  17. Sam Gordy  |  

    I have never been to a music festival yet. Working two jobs is hard to schedule around. My second job is renovating and it takes two weeks. One of those weekends is during Ultra. This could be my chance to experience something my friends have only explained to me as life-changing. I have also never been to Miami, which would be amazing as well.

  18. Daniella Datorre  |  

    This would be my 6th year attending Ultra music festival! I am born and raised in Miami and I feel like it would be a sin to not attend. I am not able to purchase a ticket due to my financial situation but this is a great giveaway.

  19. Luis Dezubiria  |  

    I believe I should win the Ultra Music Festival tickets because every Ultra I attend gives me a break from all the hard work I put in at school and work. Unfortunately, I donot have the money to buy a ticket this year since I recently started a new job that is giving me experience in my field of study. This job is part time and I am a full time student so the funds just aren’t there at the moment. It would be beyond incredible to be able to win these tickets! Thank you

  20. Lester Medal  |  

    I have yet to go to ultra or any other music festival. I love all types of electronic music from big room, deep house, and especially trap. I have been dying to go since most of my friends always go so if I get the chance to win this, it would be incredible!

  21. Stephanie Elizondo  |  

    Because Ultra is the chocolate factory and you all will be the Willy Wonka that can grant me my golden ticket. I´ve always pictured myself at this festival & have been wanting to go for many years. I haven’t had the chance due to insufficient funds (currently a full time student) but hopefully this will make my dream come true.

  22. Cheily Martinez  |  

    It would be amazing to win tickets to Ultra. To
    expirience such an amazing festival and all the good vibes that comes with it.

  23. Cheily Martinez  |  

    It would be amazing to win tickets to go to Ultra. To experience such an amazing festival and all the good vibes that comes with it. And meet people who become one for the music.

  24. Brittni Mullins  |  

    Music is my life. EDM is such an escape and a chance to be yourself. If I were to receive these tickets I would make the absolute most out of my experience. You only have one life so why not get out and experience the world.

  25. Martin Gonzalez  |  

    Unfortunately I dont use twitter so this may hurt my entries but I would love to attend Ultra because its the one time a year I can escape from reality and dance my heart out

  26. Garrett pullara  |  

    I think I should win this drawing because it has always been a dream of mine to go to ultra music festival ever since I went to my first festival like 4 years ago but every time ultra came by I was never able to afford the tickets so it would be a dream come true if I could win these

  27. Brandon Bauch  |  

    I would love to win to take my girlfriend to her first festival ever. We would fly out from Minnesota and enjoy the weekend of our lives! #Resistance

  28. Carolina D.  |  

    Hello 500Law,

    I have been trying to get tickets for this sold out event. My boyfriend has been attending this event for the past 6 years. This past year we hit hard times and weren’t able to get tickets before it sold out. His silent disappointment is so significant to me because I know this festival means more than just music. It’s the only time that he allows himself to be free and happy. We are both really hard working students and now part time workers. This festival is the only time of the year that he doesn’t sacrifice another entire week and weekend to either work or hours of study. His birthday is this March. This giveaway would sincerely make a world of a difference to him . It would be a true miracle to get these tickets despite having fallen into hard economic times. He works so hard and he studies so hard, but I couldn’t afford to spend the extra money on these tickets. In any case, I appreciate your consideration.

    Kindest regards

  29. Marley  |  

    I should win because Ultra 2015 was my first festival. That weekend completely changed my life, and there is nothing I want more that to return home for my second year!!

  30. Emily  |  

    I want to win the Ultra Music Festival tickets because I have never gone, this would be my first time and I would like to give the second ticket to my best friend Daniela, she’s the sweetest girl in the world and I think it would be a dream come true to be given the opportunity to go together to one of the most exciting and thrilling events in Miami history !!!!

  31. I think I should win this contest because I am currently a full-time student at the University of Florida taking 18 credits this semester, majoring in Political Science while on the Pre-law track to get into Law School. Tickets for this event went sold out before I could even save up the money to buy one. With tickets now being resold at $450+, there is no way I would be able to afford to buy a ticket to Ultra this year. I am originally from Miami, FL and would be nothing but grateful if I found out I won this contest! Best of luck to everyone who has entered to win.

  32. Antonia Albarracin  |  

    I love this festival, been going for 4 years now and unfortunately they sold out right when I was going to purchase my ticket. Please!!! Let me win!!!

  33. Michael  |  

    I love ultra!! I’ve lived in miami all my life but could never afford the experience, this would be great! I can’t wait to see what happens

  34. Omar D  |  

    I had a really close friend that I went to almost every festival last year with. Towards the end of the year they lost their job and I still wanted to create and experience great times with them, so I payed for their TomorrowWorld tickets and EDCO. Expecting nothing in return of course. He told
    Me it’d be his turn to take me to ultra as a thank you, but then we never really spoke again.

  35. Alejandra  |  

    I should win because I recently moved away from Miami and I miss my city so much! Perfect reason to go visit!!!

  36. I have entered MORE than 15 contests this year to make it to Ultra Music Festival. At this point, I don’t even care if I win because I’m glad that my search has brought me to you guys. Many women in my family and in my life have had breast cancer, so I want to personally thank you for supporting this cause. It means more than you will ever know! Thank you thank you thank you! Save the twinz!

  37. Manuel Diaz  |  

    I think I should win cause the first time I went to ultra it changed my life, I fell in love forever with this music festival and it’s been a rough year and would love to go back

  38. Maria  |  

    I used to live in Miami ano the last time I went to ultra was in 2014. It would be amazing to join all my friends be rave fam in Florida and the number 1 festival in Miami if not in the US. I haven’t been able to visit Miami for about a year and half now and being able took back especially for ultra would just be the most rewarding feeling in the world.

  39. Lindsey Stoudenmire  |  

    I would be absolutely honored if you selected me! I have been trying to make it to Ultra for the past six years, and every year something happens! Primarily issues with family and needing to be there in their time of need. I had plans to come on my senior spring break but had to sell my tickets and fly back home for much of the same thing. Thank you thank you thank you for the opportunity!

  40. Helene  |  

    I would love to take my boyfriend to his first Ultra!! This is my favorite festival and I absolutely love Miami!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  41. Chrystian lendoiro  |  

    I’ve dreamed of going to the ultra music festival since i was 17 now i have 21 and i came to Miami trying to reach my dreams, it would be wonderful if you guys help me to reach them

  42. Sonali  |  


  43. Gabriela Nunes  |  

    I should win because I want to give one of the tickets to my boyfriend for his birthday for his first music festival and what better festival to start with than the biggest festival held in Miami! I want him to have the best birthday ever this year since he hasn’t celebrated it in the past 10 years.

  44. Milagros Rivera  |  

    I Think I Should Win The Tickets Because Then I Can Finally Take My Dad To SeebHis Cousin Perform. Plus my dad is a DJ and he’ll love it so much. And I would to. 😍

  45. Ryan Boudreaux  |  

    Its my 30th birthday and I have never been to ultra would be the best birthday gift I have ever got

  46. Taylor Stricklin  |  

    I am a 19 year old girl who has a love and passion for edm. I go to the University of Georgia, and work and go to school full time. All the money I have goes towards bills, I pay my own health insurance, dental, rent, cell phone, car etc. I even pay my own tuition. I work very hard for what I have, but that leaves me with very little to do fun things. Sometimes I feel like giving up, it is very hard to do everything I do with no help and support, but then I turn on EDM, and it saves me. The music saves me. I would love the chance to be able to see the artists live, who give me my reason to not give up. -Taylor

  47. I would like to win these tickets Because i love the music , and attending to this festival would be a dream come true, also it would be a great gift to my friend for his birthday ,he is my best friend and it would be awesome to go with him its a dream that we want to come true.Also when i listened they wanted to cancel the festival i couldnt believe it Because i wanted to go to this festival so hard,so as thwy didnt cancel it I eant to have the opportunity to be there, this festival is the reason that I discovered my love to EDM so i would appreciate to win these tickets , because also im living in Florida in this moment so i would be easier for me to attend this festival , if I dont win these tickets thw opportunity to attend this festival is going to be really gone , and its a dream i have , so please help me to live this dream, I will appreciate it a lot!!

  48. Nayeli  |  

    I need a vacation so bad. Ultra music festival would soothe my soul. I have never been to UMF so it would definitely be an experience to remember! Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

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