Win TWO 3-Day Passes to ULTRA Music Festival 2017


The law firm of Santucci Priore, P.L., which represents the owners, operators and licensors of the Ultra Music Festival, is giving away TWO (2) THREE (3)-DAY PASSES to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami for March 24th, 25th and 26th to benefit Florida breast cancer charity Save the Twinz: Live Pink! Two years ago the Ultra Music Festival became the largest music festival of any genre of music in the United States. One winner will be randomly chosen and will receive both tickets/passes which will be valid for entry on all three days and nights of the festival in Miami. Please note that airfare, hotel, and travel are not included.

For more information about Save the Twinz: Live PINK!, call 754-223-9638 or email

Tickets are still on sale for the Ultra Music Festival at

The law firm of Santucci Priore, P.L. is a Florida based law firm which practices in the areas of immigration law, business law, entertainment law, trademark law, patent and copyright registration, protection, licensing and litigation. Our principal office is located 200 South Andrews Avenue, Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. For more information about Santucci Priore, P.L., contact us online or call 954-351-7474.

This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. No purchase or contribution is necessary. You must be 18 or older to win.

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41 Thoughts on “Win TWO 3-Day Passes to ULTRA Music Festival 2017

  1. Alejandro Rivero  |  

    I would like to attend ultra music festival because I am an Electronic Production and Design major at Berklee College of Music and ultra fest has the best line up of DJs in the world in one place and that is what I am studying. The best part is that I will be in Miami in those dates for spring break, coinciding with my birthday.

  2. Sebastian Gonzalez  |  

    Been trying to win this giveaway for 3 years now lol but I think I deserve these tickets because I need an escape from reality, I love my city and would definetely enjoy the crap out of these tickets.

  3. Ashley Varona  |  

    I remember the last time you all gave away Ultra Music Festival tickets and I was SO VERY excited because it was my last chance to go. Although someone else won, I feel that this would be my year! I am itching to hear the music and feel the love that all of Ultra’s attendees bring with them. I truly thank you all for this opportunity (again)!

  4. Luis Dezubiria  |  

    If I am chosen as the winner of this giveaway, I will make sure to go out to the magnificent bayfront park and dance nonstop for those who are not able to. I will take in the beautiful sounds of electronic dance music for those who cannot be there to hear or feel the music. I will make this experience not about just myself but about everyone out there who wants to embrace the joy that dancing in a crowd filled with love and acceptance brings to the soul. That weekend, for many, is just a “sweet dream” but I would love to be there to live it for them all.

  5. Jonathan Pujol  |  

    It would be so much fun to make it to Ultra Music Festival. It brings many people from different places, different cultures, different lifestyles to dance on one big dance floor and forget about all their worries! I really hope I win and can be a part of this year’s festival.

    Thanks Santucci Priore Firm!

  6. Ingrid Arzola  |  

    What would it be like to dance with 100,000 of my closest friends at Ultra Music Festival in the greatest city on earth? A totally, unforgettable experience that I would not soon forget! Ultra Music Festival has been bringing people from across the globe together for years now and has grown into a global phenomenon thanks to the incredible DJs, producers, staff and fans that make Ultra Music Festival the greatest festival on earth! There are few experiences like Ultra, and it would be so awesome to be able to be there!

    Thanks Santucci Priore!

  7. Veronica Bitar  |  

    It would truly mean a lot to win these tickets to attend Ultra Music Festival. I will be celebrating my 25th birthday Friday, March 24th, opening day of Ultra. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate than attending this music event among those who enjoy music as much as I do. I was unable to attend last year as I was on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic building an aqueduct in one of the small villages where they do not have access to clean water. Winning these tickets will definitely make this an unforgettable birthday for me. Thank you for this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

  8. What an amazing cause! Someday there will be a cure for breast cancer! I have lost friends to it & who are being diagnosed with it as well. Just have to stay positive & keep a smile on my face! I love that this company is getting involved in such a great cause and also tying it in along with a once in a life time trip to ultra !

  9. Eric Huster  |  

    Ultra would mean the absolute world to me. I unfortunately couldn’t attend last year due to some family complications. I had to send my girlfriend because I knew she would have the time of her life and I would love the opportunity to attend this year with her. I think everyone should experience the beauty of Ultra Music Festival at least once in there lives. Nothing but good vibes and one big happy rave family! Pease~Love~Rave

  10. Mercy Garcia  |  

    Been entering the contest the last two times you had the contest going on. Hopefully my third try makes me a winner ^_^ Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. Daniel De aleon  |  

    I’m trying to win the tickets for my girlfriend and I. She’s going to start school over seas in a few months indefinitely and she’s never been to ultra. I would love to send her off with one final memorable experience of a life time.

  12. Taylor Lyon  |  

    I would love to attend Ultra Music Festival because it was the first festival I ever attended 4 years ago with my boyfriend and we had an amazing experience and I would love to make the travel back there with him and create new amazing memories

  13. Jean-Louise Momsen  |  

    I have always dreamed of attending the Ultra music festival! Never dreamed it could be the ultimate one in Miami, but it would be amazing to be able to experience this!! Please pick me 🙂

  14. I have always wanted to go to Ultra Miami! I have never been to Miami before and have been dying to see all the city has to offer. I love the music, and the artists this years has exceeded every expectation I could imagine! I would be so luck you to get a chance to go this year!

  15. I just happened to see this while looking around on Santucci Priore website. Its awesome that this company is involved with Ultra Music Festival. Now that I am a local Floridian, it would be great to attend such a cool festival right in my own back yard.

  16. Ellen Mandala  |  

    have always wanted to go to Ultra, this festival every year, and especially the lineup this year, has stood out for me! It seems like a once in a life time opportunity and I would love the chance to be able to attend!

  17. Carole Merom  |  

    1. I now live in ft. Lauderdale.
    2. Ultra veteran since 2001.
    3. Don’t have to fly now.
    4. Raising 2 beautiful daughters.
    5. Eldest 20 yrs old.
    6. Eldest 21st birthday early April.
    7. Would make awesome bday gift.
    8. I don’t just listen to edm I feel it.
    9. My girls were raised on edm.
    10. Your never to old to rave.
    11. Great bonding time for us.
    12. I love my daughter.
    13. Need a release.
    14. She deserves a treat.
    15. Waited to long to purchase tickets.
    16. Priorities 1st.
    17. I will probably cry if we can’t go.
    18. I can’t believe we live here now!
    19. We love South Florida!
    20. We love UMF!
    21. Please please let’s us attend UMF 2017!

    Hope my 22 thoughts made u chuckle. Ty!!
    **fingers crossed**

  18. Bernadetta Mecinski  |  

    I want to attend Ultra Miami 2017 simply for the love I hold for all electronic dance music. Ultra Miami is a festival like no other in which it holds stages dedicated to every type of dance music. For me, to attend Ultra Miami, would be to appreciate the history of how dance music has evolved and to be able to dance my ass off, of course. What else is there?

  19. I want to win these tickets more than anything because there is nothing I love more than music festivals, the artists, the beach, Florida, and having a GOOOOD time

  20. Leonardo Sanchez  |  

    Ultra is a dream and I’m the dreamer help me make it happen. Thanks to the Santucci firm!!

  21. there’s nothing i love more than music, these tickets would go to two people that love electronic music and would be living it up at ultra!

  22. Michelle D.  |  

    I love dance music and music festivals. I also love to travel to Miami. This would be the best trip ever!

  23. Ricky Pena  |  

    i would like to win the tickets because me and girlfriend are big edm fans. we have been going to music festivals for about 1 year now and are hooked on the music, love, and energy that we get from going to the festivals. when we are at a festival we feel the music in are whole body and dance from the start of the event to the end. when we are at festivals the music takes us to a whole new world were every one is at peace and have so much love for each other its like nothing even comes close to the feeling we have when we are at a music festival. we have only been to a few festivals hear in phoenix and edc once. due to how expensive the tickets are we can only afford to do one big event a year. it would be so amazing to us if we get the chance to win and go to Miami. thanks for reading and hope you pick me

  24. Lindsey  |  

    Would love to celebrate this crazy ride we call life telling everyone at ultra how gracious you are! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Rafina Cebak  |  

    Starting in August, I will be a full time NROTC Marine student and have commitments to the Marines every week day and most weekend days, and before I start that part of my life, I want to experience a weekend at Ultra. I’ve wanted to go to the festival for years, and now that I’m finally old enough, I want the chance to experience it. I live a simple life, everyday occupied with work and school, but I want the chance to have an extraordinary experience. I can see me and my best friend now dancing and getting lost to the sounds of all the DJs and artists who are going this year. This will probably be one of the only times I can experience and enjoy a music festival during the next four years, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to end senior year or a better way to enjoy the music.

  26. Gabriella Adesso  |  

    Im a student at the University of Florida and my major in Finance is kicking my butt right now so a trip to Ultra would be lovely!!

  27. Alex Bernabe  |  

    I would like to attend ultra music festival 2017 because I would love to take my soulmate, Hannah Brooks, to it to show that I really love her. I bought her tickets to go to EDC 2016 last year and we fell in love with each other and music became our thing. We both are in college and its very rare that I see her and I miss her so much. I would also give these tickets to her as a birthday present which is march 24 which is the day of the festival. IF I win these tickets, I plan on flying her out myself and spending every minute with her and just falling back in love every single minute. The rave saying is 100% true “Couples who rave together, stay together” and I really would love for her to come. Thank you.

  28. Roxana Rovira  |  

    Giving my fiance and I these 2 tickets would mean so much to us! We would greatly appreciate the oppurtnity to experience Ultra Music Festival! We have the days off hoping that we will win these tickets!! We are full time hard workers, who deserve to have fun!! I am finishing school and he already finished and received his BS in Business Management back in August from FIU. We havent been able to celebrate or have time for ourselves and this would be an amazing way to celebrate! Please choose us!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a blessed week!!

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