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Jeffrey Epstein is reported to be dead. It has been reported that he was found hanging in his jail cell one day after documents in his case were unsealed, and one day after being taken off suicide watch.  The skepticism level in this country has been extremely high ever since, giving rise to various conspiracy theories on social media, one of which was even retweeted by Trump himself.

If Epstein is, in fact, dead as reported, he then died through the complete failure of President Donald Trump’s Justice Department headed up by his politically appointed Attorney General William P. Barr. under which the Federal Bureau of Prisons exists. Barr is already under severe scrutiny by Congress and most mainstream media outlets for allegedly misleading the American public about the results of the Mueller Report, spinning it to further President Trump’s narrative of “total and complete exoneration,” when a simple layperson’s reading of the Mueller Report certainly states otherwise.  Barr’s compromised credibility is helping to fuel the skepticism over the reports of Epstein’s death.

Barr decided to use the term “apparent suicide” just hours after Epstein’s body was discovered while at the same time acknowledging that a thorough investigation into this suspicious death is needed. Some in mainstream and other media called this characterization by the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer, who was responsible for Epstein’s life as “premature” at best. Some have called it “political spin.” This begs the question, of why the Justice Department and the Trump Administration would want to launch an early narrative that Epstein’s death was a suicide, despite traditional protocol to investigate before making or even implying any conclusions.

Somehow, despite being the most high profile prisoner in the country, he was left unattended and unmonitored just long enough to die a violent death, either by his own hands or the hands of others. 

At the request of the The Convo Couch, an online show covering politics from a Progressive viewpoint, The law firm of Santucci Priore, P.L. is making the complete docket of Jeffrey Epstein’s 2019 federal criminal case available for free download, without subscription.  From these official legal documents, people can draw their own conclusions without the filter of the Trump Administration, it’s Justice Department or any biased media on the left or right.  Use the link below to access the documents.

>>> Epstein Court Documents >>>

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