Is Venezuela Trump’s Next Target? (Travel Ban Update)

Santucci Priore, P.L.’s immigration law department is committed to keeping the public up to date on President Trump’s Executive Order that included a travel ban targeted to travelers from seven (7) different countries, and any countries that are added to that list.  The updates will include full text of the pertinent orders and other legal documents so that our immigration clients and other followers have the direct information, free of media spin from either side of the political spectrum.  We also maintain our commitment to accept applications for free immigration assistance to anyone affected by the travel ban, previously, and as a result of any future execution of the Order.  The issue is not settled since the President has vowed to challenge the most recent court order in the United State Supreme Court.  Stay tuned to and our firm’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

The Latest Report and Background:

There has been speculation that President Trump’s Executive Order is being re-written, not only to sort out the logistics, but to also add new countries. The countries that some have suspected may be added to the ban include: Venezuela, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia, southern Philippines, trans-Sahara (Mali), Sulu/Sulawesi Seas Littoral and Colombia.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017, the Venezuelan government ordered CNN to be taken off the air following an exposé on the issuance of passports by the Venezuelan government to individuals associated with terrorist groups. The investigation, “Passports in the Shadows” revealed a confidential intelligence document that links Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami to 173 Venezuelan passports and IDs issued to individuals from the Middle East, including people connected to the terrorist group Hezbollah. The Venezuelan government claimed that they quickly removed the CNN network because the two-part report threatened “the peace and democratic stability of our Venezuelan people since they generate an environment of intolerance.” However, if there is truth to the report, then this could support the speculation of the addition of Venezuela to the list of countries included in the Executive Order.

The addition of Colombia and Venezuela would help President Trump to defeat the State’s argument that the travel ban is really just a ban on Muslims. The addition of Venezuela, with the evidence that they have issued passports to individuals connected with terrorist groups, would support the Government’s argument that the ban is on terrorist and not Muslims. Therefore, there is a special initiative for the President to include these countries, especially Venezuela, to support President Trump’s claim that the ban is not a ban on Muslims but a technique to find a better way to shield the United States from terrorist.

In one of the first press conferences, President Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer said, “if there are other countries that belong on the list, let us know.” In addition, the text of the Executive Order actually makes reference to other countries being added (Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States (EO 13769, 82 FR 8977(Section 2(f)) (Jan. 27, 2017); therefore, it is entirely possible that the new text will include new countries.

Although much of this is speculation and nothing has been confirmed, we urge, as a precautionary method, to seek the advice of counsel, if you believe the Executive Order (or some future version of it) might impact you, your business or your family in any way. Solita Cochron from Santucci Priore, P.L. a veteran United States Immigration Law Clerk and licensed attorney in Venezuela, and others are standing by to offer assistance to those who are confused, and those that can be helped. Santucci Priore, P.L. has been helping clients deal with the following U.S. immigration matters: Family-based immigration, asylum, citizenship and naturalization, change of status, as well as permanent employment and inventor visas.

To see the full text of the Executive Order and an a explanation of the Executive Order see Michael Santucci’s article:

For an explanation on the text of the 9th Circuit’s Order staying the implementation of the travel ban:

Author: Jessica Maxey, Law Clerk and Attorney Michael I. Santucci
J.D. Candidate, May 2017


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