Apple Stops Sale of Steve Jobs Action Figure

Since the October 2011 death of Apple, Inc. founder Steve Jobs, companies have been looking for ways to profit off of the technology-icon’s life, and his sudden death. Reports indicate that a 1-foot tall action figure of Jobs was placed for sale by a company In Icons for $99.

The action figure consisted of life-like properties of Jobs, including wrinkles, hair, glasses and an apple. The figure also included removable hands, which also featured a replica of his wedding band.

Since the date the figure was placed for sale, Jobs fans have been scrambling to secure their purchase. The website also indicated that the figurine was set to ship worldwide in February. It didn’t take long, however, for the Jobs family and Apple, Inc. to pressure In Icons to stop the promotion and sale of the item. An outline of the figure’s features is still up on the In Icon website:

Due to the alleged pressure from Jobs and Apple attorneys, In Icon has since covered their website with an open apology and tribute letter to Jobs fans and those that have pre-ordered the figurine. Based on the public’s positive reaction to the figurine, the question remains whether any of Jobs team or Apple will create their own version of a Jobs memorabilia.

You can read the recent In Icon letter here.

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