Breaking News: Historic Winter Maccabi Games 2023 opens in Ruhpolding, Germany

500law Attorney Alan Barson and his wife Claudia Harari are thrilled to announce that they are competing in the first Maccabi Winter Games since 1936! 

Background and history:

Opening ceremony (Jan 2, 2023):

Claudia and I are announced at 28:10 and enter right after Israel (and our introductory video). 

Alan: We are the sum total of Team Italia, to which Claudia jumped into action upon learning that Italy didn’t have one, and I, being a dual citizen, joined as well so we could compete together. We are racing in the 52-and-over Slalom, Giant Salom, and Parallel Slalom competitions. This will be fun, and hopefully not too embarrassing, but the real reason we are here is because of our commitment to the Maccabi movement, Israel, and Judaism, and to be a part of history in the making. 


Claudia Harari & Alan Barson

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