What are your fees?

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What are your fees?

While we take into account many factors in what we charge for our services, the principal factor is usually the firm’s schedule of standard hourly rates and most statements for amounts due for fees are the product of the hours spent working on the matter multiplied by the firm’s hourly rates in effect at the time the work is performed. The firm’s schedule of standard hourly rates for attorneys and paralegal staff is based on their years of experience, specialization in training and practice, and level of professional attainment

A “flat fee” arrangement is one of our alternative methods for calculating our fees. Under this type of agreement we quote a total fee up front for the handling of a certain matter or project. The fee charged does not change based upon the number of hours required for the agreed work, no matter how long it takes. Additionally, depending on the amount charged, installment payments may be considered to lessen the upfront expense charged for the services requested.

We tend to find that our clients are happier when they know exactly how much our services will cost and what they can expect. As such, we require a written engagement letter be signed by both the handling attorney and the client. Each engagement letter clearly spells out the scope of work, the fee that will be charged, how it will be calculated, when payments will be due, and how court costs or other costs will be paid. We firmly believe that by requiring this in each case, no matter how small, that each attorney/client relationship is enhanced and that the client is protected from any possible misunderstanding that could occur.

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