Legal Services for Entertainment Clients

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Legal Services for Entertainment Clients


  • General review of activities, business structure, and practices to ensure compliance with laws and to protect clients’ rights
  • Negotiation, drafting and/or reviewing various entertainment industry contracts, agreements and forms
  • Litigation of adversary matters

Trademarks – Artist/Business Names

  • Basic and/or comprehensive trademark searches
  • Federal, international or Florida trademark registration(s) for artist name or  company name
  • Policing your trademark against infringers using your artist, company, or product name, or  a similar name
  • Defending you against allegations of trademark infringement
  • Branding
  • Merchandise manufacturing, distribution and sales agreements
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property Clearance and Licensing


  • Copyright searches
  • Copyright Registrations for:
    • Sound recordings (Sounds on the recording)
    • Single tracks
    • Bundle tracks
    • Musical compositions
    • Lyrics
    • Cover art
    • Performances
    • Liner notes
    • Computer software
    • Website design
    • Website content
  •  Forming publishing companies
  •  Publishing agreements
  •  Co-writer agreements and inter-band agreements
  •  Policing your copyrights against unauthorized sampling, cover songs, copying of lyrics, and  other forms of copying
  •  Defending you against allegations of sampling or other forms of copyright infringement
  •  Sample clearance/Copyright Clearance and Licensing
  •  Assistance with paying and/or collecting mechanical royalties for cover songs
  •  Assistance with registration with performing artist organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)
  •  Video game licensing agreements
  •  Licensing of music for use in film, radio, video, and commercial use
  •  Referrals to CPA’s to account for sales or audit sales for royalties

Business Formation and Consultation

  •  Consultation for businesses including independent companies and band relations
  •  Forming corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts
  •  Business entity contracts: Partnership Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements for Corporations, Operating Agreements for LLCs, Inter-Band Agreements, etc.
  • Releases/Waivers/Work-Made-for-Hire Forms and Agreements for studio musicians,  cover art artists, writers, web   designers, photographers, and producers to sign to ensure  that rights to their creative work belong to our clients
  • Filing initial tax forms to obtain Federal Tax I.D. numbers (FEI/EIN numbers)
  • Filing initial tax forms to elect to be taxed as a partnership, LLC, S-Corp. or C-Corp.
  • Forms and agreements used to operate a recording studio business or music/video production company
  • Website terms & conditions
  • Business licenses
  • Credit card processing/Obtaining a merchant account
  • Investment/Loan Agreements
  • Business cards, fliers, graphics, artwork and corporate or artist identity and branding
  • Referrals to CPAs for accounting, audits and tax related issues


  • Band/Artist promotion agreements
  • Booking Agent Agreements
  • Booking Agent/Talent Agent Licensing (Required in many states)
  • Agent or Manager Contracts
  • Getting out of Agent or Manager Contracts
  • Enforcing Agent or Manager Contracts
  • Investment/Loan Agreements


  • Agreements for and involving performance venues, shows (for promoters, artists or venue owners)
  • Permitting and compliance with other government requirements for concerts and events
  • Contract Riders
  • Defending injury claims related to concerts and events
  • Disputes with Ticketmaster and other ticketing agencies
  • Compliance with “Anti-Rave” laws and ordinances
  • Outsourcing/referrals for tour services (transportation, licenses, permit check, ticketing)
  • Nightclub licenses, leases, and purchase agreements
  • Liquor licenses
  • Investment/Loan Agreements
  • Intellectual Property clearance

Recording Deals

  • Contracts for and between artists, producers, production companies, record companies  and/or distribution companies
  • Structuring recording deals
  • Investment/Loan Agreements
  • Referrals to producers and recording studios
  • Getting out of recording contracts
  • Enforcing recording contracts
  • Legal actions to collect unpaid royalties
  • Defending legal actions to collect unpaid royalties
  • Referrals to CPAs to account for sales or audit sales for royalties


  • Structuring music, television, video, and film distribution deals
  • Forming music, video, television, and film distribution companies
  • Distribution agreements (music, television, film, video) – Digital and physical
  • Referrals to CPAs to account for sales or audit sales for royalties

Music Videos

  • Video production agreements
  • Model Releases, Waivers, and Model Agreements
  • Releases/Waivers/Works-Made-For-Hire Agreements for videographers,  photographers, editors, producers, and writers
  • Investment/Loan Agreements
  • Permitting for shooting (Don’t get caught with your pants down like Erykah Badu)

Celebrity Rights/Endorsements/Merchandise

  • Use of celebrity names, images and likenesses
  • Lawsuits to protect celebrities’ rights to their names, images, and likenesses
  • Defending lawsuits brought by celebrities for use of their names, images and likenesses
  • Lawsuits regarding injury to paparazzi (prosecuting and defending)
  • Celebrity endorsement contracts
  • Merchandise manufacturing, distribution, sales agreements and celebrity license/royalty agreements
  • Formation of merchandise production, distribution, sales, or celebrity license/royalty companies
  • Video game licensing agreements
  • Clearance and Licensing
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